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December 8, 2012
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Beauty as the Beast by OtakuRose Beauty as the Beast by OtakuRose
I've been thinking about this concept for the longest time. A twist on a classic tale of a beautiful girl who falls in love with a beast. But what if the beautiful girl turned into the beast? I immediately started sketching my idea of a female beast. She's not a completely feral monster, instead looks more human with beastly qualities. She has feminine animal limbs like Gazelle horns, lioness claws, white eyes, she-wolf tail, possibly other parts that aren't visible here. Her dress is based off of a cross between Gothic and Victorian fashion. Add a rose in her hand and some lace, and the whole idea comes together.

After doing a lot of research and drawing and spending hours of my weekend coloring this, I've begun to get really attached to this idea! I plan to do something with it, maybe a comic, very possibly a short animated film. (after I get some experience in animation) I have ideas for the plot, the characters, the theme of the story, I just wish I could put it all together into a film to show you guys. So sketches of the characters may come soon, but first of all I need a name for this character. Any ideas?

Hope you guys like it!
Art and character (c) Me
Original Beauty and the Beast (c) I'm curious to look this up
Lace Pattern (c) [link]
Please do not redistribute without my permission. Since I'm planning future projects with this concept, I will not permit this idea to be copied.
Sketched and lined traditionally, colored in Paint Tool Sai.
100 Themes Challenge: 5. Seeking Solace (in the rose)
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I would like to see the guy fall for the girl beast, I swear it is rare to find where the girl is the beast or creature and the guy is a human
OtakuRose Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It is! And in reality, it very well could be the normal guy who falls for the female beast. I'm surprised some movie producers haven't thought of it yet! xD
I would like to see something like it
Lumary92 Jan 4, 2013   Digital Artist
Beauty and the beast is one of my favourite disney movies I've ever watched. :3
I really like her design...but I think she looks more like a Demon... ^^'
OtakuRose Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha me too! It's a really cute movie >w<
Thank you! Oh really? Well I guess I can see where that comes from, but beasts and demons aren't too far off from each other right? XD
Lumary92 Jan 9, 2013   Digital Artist
Yeah it is. x3

I guess you're right. x'D
I love Beauty and the Beast <3 We just now watched it in French in French class XD

Such a creative idea! I really love this concept , it would be an interesting story!

I also saw an idea online that in the Disney version that Gaston was the beast! And how Belle had to reverse his "inner beast". I though it was cool ! :D
OtakuRose Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You and Abbi both, but apparently it's a very awkward version? XD We might get to watch it at my birthday party if you guys want! :D

Thank chuu! I've been thinking about the story that goes with this nonstop, it's going to be so heart warming and thought provoking and really cute ;w; I can't wait to just go and make it, but right now I need to go design some characters! :dummy:

Orly? That seems like a pretty backwards idea to me, unless it was just a background thing. Did Belle even really reverse his inner beast? :T
Yes! The beast sounds like a scrawny french man, not a beast XD That'd be cool!

Welcome! Cool! Can't wait to see it! :D

Nope. But I think it might be interesting(if somebody did that idea), but I can't say anything bad about Beauty and the Beast. It was my favorite as a child! I dressed like Belle for Halloween once XD
OtakuRose Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow how intimidating, a scrawny French man! XD

Yay! :la:
I know way too many people who dressed as Belle for Halloween once; about eight friends, my teacher's granddaughter, my neighbor's dog, and the list goes on! :U
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