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Six Feet Under The Stars by OtakuRose Six Feet Under The Stars by OtakuRose
All Time Low titles. It's always the All Time Low titles with me.
So this week, you guys don't get ordinary art. instead you get what I have been working on for the past month or two in my art class. A texture-based assignment that didn't quite turn out be all that textured so it was a disappoint but is still pretty. Let's begin with this artwork's story, shall we?

I acquired a large piece of cardboard, in which I sketched out my concept and began gluing stuff onto it, elementary arts & crafts style. It was rather labor intensive to cut out the moon and girl from matte board, but the rest was simply gluing fluffy cotton balls, strings of beads, glow in the dark stars, ribbon and fabric. The most intimidating moment of my entire art class life was gluing on the aluminum foil over the entire thing, I even managed to mess that up by gluing the shiny side down! :'D But I was really happy to see how all the textures were turning out, the sandpaper on the moon, the lines of her hair, even the folds of her dress that took me three class periods. Until my teacher made me add another layer of aluminum foil over it. That killed all my happy textures. They were so happy...

*coughs* Anyways, then I got to color it with some alcohol inks, which was a way to turn my failure into something acceptable. I originally wanted a girl in white with lavender ribbon around the moon, but I didn't want to leave anything white but the clouds. Plus I was using red ribbon in the under-structure, so it grew on me. I was really stumped for a good color scheme for a while, the thought of using warm colors like pink and gold just sneaked it's way into my head. The most difficult of choices, though, was the dress of the little girl. I know you don't quite see little girls wear brown often, but for me it was the best option composition-wise. I even incorporated the pink of the ribbon, and made the star strings the same brown, and with the girl's hair the same color of the moon, it formed a nice united color family. So then I used some sharpies to clean it up and add the facial features, in which I did the impossible (blending sharpies!) and manged to call it finished

After all that, I spent some time cutting pieces of balsa wood and painted it white, and it made a nice frame. Then I added the beads and lace trims because, pink stars and ribbons just weren't cutting it. But it was a nice, time-consuming project that barely met my expectations. Maybe I'll hang it up in my house...somewhere...
Hope you guys like it though <3
Artwork (c) Me
Please do not redistribute without my permission!
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Lumary92 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014   Digital Artist
Okaaay? -
That looks very interesting.

Really cool. ^^
Ange-ll-os Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow very interesting haha and very shiny! o: The texture especially with the inks on top is really neat~

Also haha you get my respect for such nicely cut wood! In gr 7/8 I had a design/tech class which was basically a lot of woodworking for the most part and gosh I was so bad at cutting 45 degree angles into wood I was always off and they'd never line up pfft I just filled in the cracks with glue sjdadfsask X"D
OtakuRose Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much Angie! :'3 It's suppose to be shinier, but, I make mistakes ;u;

Ah, it's not wood though! It's matte board, which is like white cardboard, kind of. It was still really hard to work with, my hand hurt a lot from pressing down so hard, and I had to stand the entire time, so my legs got tired too, and then I'd have to walk to the other side of the school to take long notes about the war and stuff ;_;
But the aluminum foil covers a lot of the rough imperfections, but it also made some imperfections too so it made up for that xD; But the frame is wood! Is that what you're taking about? That definitely took some effort to do of course, but I did layer thin strips of wood together, so underneath it's no so pretty either :'D
Ange-ll-os Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome~ haha well it looks plenty shiny I think XD

Aww yeah I feel ya I have 3 hour lab periods and for chemistry labs I have to stand the whole time basically since you can't exactly do experiments with all the crazy chemicals sitting down X"D Luckily my lab periods are all always the last class of the day so I get to bus home after but eh earlier in the day I'm always running across campus to get to my classes so I'm usually dead tired before I even start and just more tired when I'm done >w>;;

Yeahhh I meant the wood framing haha though cutting cardboard like stuff is probably a pain too cuz then you also have to worry about accidentally denting/bending the stuff while you cut [and awful papercuts lol] Ahh haha well the important part is what the top most layer looks like right? XD No one will know it looks messy underneath~
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December 19, 2013
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